Porsche, Luxury Cars, Sports Car, Branded Cars

Porsche To Enter Pre Owned Car Segment In India

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Porsche, Luxury Cars, Sports Car, Branded Cars

The pre-owned car segment is a lucrative market, especially for a luxury carmaker like Porsche as it prepares to open it's first ‘Porsche Approved' pre-owned car store in Kochi on June 8, 2022. Part of the Volkswagen Group, the Porsche Approved Centres joins VW's Das WeltAuto, and Audi Approved Plus program as the German carmaker aims to strengthen its one-stop solution to buy, sell or exchange certified pre-owned cars. Porsche says buyers would get an exclusive opportunity to discover and experience Porsche cars in an innovative way. More details would be shared at the time of the launch of the new Porsche Approved centre.

The Porsche Approved centres will majorly focus on buying, selling, or exchanging pre-owned Porsche cars. Through this platform, the carmaker aims to provide competitively pricing for the used cars along with genuine accessories, insurance, and financial support to its customers. Porsche could also offer service and warranty packages.

The new Porsche Approved initiative would make owning a Porsche even simpler.  

At present, Volkswagen has close to 120 Das WeltAuto centres across India. Since its launch in 2019, VW sold close to 3,000 cars, while that figure crossed 10,000 in 2020. The number doubled in 2021 as the carmaker sold more than 20,000 units through its pre-owned car centres.  On the other hand, Audi India is ramping up its pre-owned car business “Audi Approved Plus” to enable buyers to upgrade without having to spend on a new luxury car. The company aims to start at least 20 such centres by the end of 2022, from its current 14 centres.

Source:- NDTV

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Porsche, Luxury Cars, Sports Car, Branded Cars

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