Indian Air Force, Agnipath IAF

Agnipath Applications Break Air Force Recruitment Record Under Old System

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Indian Air Force, Agnipath IAF

The Indian Air Force has received the highest number of applications under the new military recruitment programme, Agnipath, compared to the recruitment format that had been followed until now.

Agnipath allows a four-year tour of duty, after which 25 per cent personnel would be absorbed into the force based on their performance.

"Compared to 6,31,528 applications in the past, which was the highest in any recruitment cycle, this time 7,49,899 applications have been received," the Indian Air Force, or IAF, tweeted after registrations ended.

Those between 17-and-a-half and 21 years old are eligible to become Agniveers.

Military aspirants who have lost two years to the COVID-19 pandemic during which no recruitment was done have got a one-time chance to try for Agnipath. The government in June increased the upper age limit for the scheme to 23 from 21 years after protests broke out.

Some Agnipath applicants have raised concerns over what would happen to them after their four-year service ends. In response, the government has sought to allay their worries with a range of announcements and guidance about what they could do once their tour of duty is over.

Many Agniveers would be eligible for entry to central paramilitary forces. This benefits both the force and Agniveers as they don't need to be trained from scratch.

Source:- NDTV

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Indian Air Force, Agnipath IAF

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