Easy Breakfast Recipes, Recipes For Beginners, Cooking For Beginners

7 Easy Breakfast Recipes That Even Beginners Can Make

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Easy Breakfast Recipes, Recipes For Beginners, Cooking For Beginners

Cooking is not as easy as TV shows make it to be! It requires a knowledge of ingredients, practice and experience. Many of us like the idea of preparing our own meal, but we are often clueless about where to start. For such beginners, who have never even set foot in the kitchen, we have curated a list of recipes that are so easy to make that you don't even need prior experience to nail the recipes at one go! Start your kitchen journey by learning how to make a proper breakfast in a few easy steps.  

7 Easy Breakfast Recipes For Beginners  


1. Avocado Toast  

Ready in just 5 minutes, to make this quick breakfast, all you have to do is toast a slice of bread, place slices of avocado and season it!   

2. Scrambled Eggs  

Another easy recipe, this English comfort food has now become a universal favourite! This rich and creamy recipe has eggs beaten and scrambled in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper.  

3. Bread Upma  

Making upma can be complicated as cooking requires practice, but making bread upma is a cakewalk! Saute chopped bread with veggies and masalas and breakfast is ready!  

4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich  

There's nothing more satisfying and simple to make than a warm, crisp and gooey cheese sandwich. A grilled cheese sandwich is one of the go-to quick and simple vegetarian recipes that only require a few key ingredients.  

5.Fruit Yoghurt Parfait  

This easy version of parfait only requires assembly, giving a decadent breakfast in minutes. Layer a glass with your choice of fruits, hung yoghurt/Greek yoghurt and muesli and breakfast is ready!    

6. Egg In A Hole  

The name may sound a little intimidating but this recipe is very easy! This dish is a fried egg in the middle of toasted bread. Sounds simple, right?!  

7. Fruit Smoothies  

One filling drink to not only fill your stomach but also treat your taste buds, the smoothie is so easy to make! All you need to do is blend your choice of fruit and your fruit smoothie is ready.  

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Easy Breakfast Recipes, Recipes For Beginners, Cooking For Beginners

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