Sabzi Under 30 Mins, Quick Recipes For Dinner, Lazy Meal Ideas

5 Wholesome Sabzis Ready Under 30 Mins For A Lazy Meal

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Sabzi Under 30 Mins, Quick Recipes For Dinner, Lazy Meal Ideas

After a long day of work, preparing dinner can be a herculean task for foodies! The desire to eat something delicious is always present, but that doesn't mean we can eat lavish recipes like biryani, kadhai paneer, and butter chicken every day. Neither do we have the time or energy to stand in the kitchen for hours in the current heat to prepare a full course meal. We want a shortcut recipe that is ready in minutes and tastes delicious as well. On a hunt for such recipes, we found sabzis that can be ready in 30 minutes! Mangoes, boondi, onions, paneer, you can use all these ingredients to make scrumptious sabzis that can be eaten for dinner.


Lazy Cooking: 5 Sabzis Ready Under 30 Mins


1.Paneer Bhurji

Scrambled paneer tossed with mouth-watering spices makes for this decadent dish that is loved across all age groups. This comfort dish is often our go-to indulgence when we crave something delicious and quick. Pair with the simple roti and it makes for a healthy meal.

2.Lahsuni Bhindi

Summers being the ideal bhindi season, you can enjoy the classic bhindi ki sabzi with a garlicky twist! Green chillies, turmeric powder, chopped garlic, amchur powder and garam masala give bhindi ki sabzi an aromatic flavour, making the dish masaledaar.

3.Mango Sabzi

This five-minute mango sabzi is the ideal sabzi for a lazy meal. It is so simple to make that even the most inexperienced cooks can't go wrong with this recipe. All you need to do is take a mango and mix it with spices and some oil. And voila, your dish is ready!

4.Boondi Ki Sabzi

While we are used to eating boondis in our raitas, we can also make a quick sabzi with boondi. Boondi is cooked in a mélange of spices and cooked in the classic onion, tomato, and ginger-garlic masala. Ready in 20 minutes, this sabzi is crunchy and masaledaar.

5.Onion Sabzi

If you don't have enough ingredients in your pantry, then this fool-proof onion sabzi shall come to your rescue. This onion sabzi has a creamy and spicy yoghurt-based masala that compliments the pungent flavours of onion. You can enjoy this quick sabzi with roti or rice.

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Sabzi Under 30 Mins, Quick Recipes For Dinner, Lazy Meal Ideas

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