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Over the last decade, technological advancements have transformed business and industry to a great extent. The needs of modern workplaces have also become more advanced. And more and more employers are now looking to hire talent in leadership and management roles. As a result, the market demand for online MBA courses has picked up in recent years.

So, if you want to advance your career with a business management degree, you can do so in a non-traditional way as well. The online mode offers flexibility to distant learners and working professionals to learn at their own pace. Some online MBA courses in India are accredited by top institutes and attract faculty from globally renowned universities. The accreditation assures that the content and delivery of the program would meet academic and professional standards. Let’s look into some of the best online MBA courses.

Best Online MBA Courses

1. MBA (Global), Deakin Business School (DBS): This two-year online MBA course with dual credentials from Australia’s DBS and IMT Ghaziabad has emerged as a popular choice among MBA aspirants. Deakin is also among the top 1% B-schools worldwide. The program includes diverse topics like Business Growth Strategies, Strategic Thinking & Planning Abilities, Integrated Business Strategy Formulation, Design Thinking, Change Management, Financing Strategies, and International Business.

The online MBA course is supplemented with dedicated mentorship and offline networking opportunities. Equipped with this MBA degree, you can bag high-profile roles in like Marketing, Finance, and Sales like Management Consulting, Strategy, Operations, Business Development, and HR Management.

2. MBA in Digital Finance & Banking, Jindal Global University: This two-year-long online MBA course in Digital Finance & Banking is perfect for aspirants who wish to enter the BFSI sector. It covers industry-specific topics such as Fintech Ecosystems Management, Financial Management & Valuation, Artificial Intelligence in Business, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Data Visualization in Finance, Digital Fraud & Risk Analytics, and Design Thinking & Leadership for Business. This is one of the best online MBA courses in India in DFB. 

All of these fields of study are extremely relevant to the present BFSI industry that’s undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Besides, this online MBA course includes live assignments, case studies, mock interviews, resume building sessions, and peer-to-peer networking. 

3. MBA, Liverpool Business School: Accredited by UK’s Liverpool Business School, this online MBA course includes a week-long immersion program at the university campus. In this MBA program, you can choose from several specializations including Marketing, Finance, Operations, Strategy & Leadership, Analytics.

The online MBA course modules include Digital Business Innovation, Business Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Leadership, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Engagement and People Performance, Enterprise and Risk Management, Leading Change for Sustainable Futures, and Project Management. The duration of the MBA course is 20 months, during which you get a career and mentorship support from industry leaders. Upon successful completion, you will also receive a PGP in Management credential from IMT Ghaziabad.

4. MBA -BA, NMIMS Global Access School: This is a 15-month Executive MBA program with a specialization in Business Analytics. Designed specifically for working professionals, it offers a great way to balance work and study life. It is one of the best online MBA courses in India & promises learning and exposure that is at par with on-campus MBA programs.

This online MBA course will teach you the core management skills and their application of analytics in fields like Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Supply Chain, Big Data, and Machine Learning technologies. Some of the course highlights include offline networking events, one-on-one mentor interactions, and a three-month industry-driven capstone project. With this MBA degree, you can opt for job roles like Growth Manager, Business Consultant, HR Manager, Finance Manager, etc.

Why Online MBA courses in India?

In today’s competitive job market, an undergraduate degree is not enough. Employers seek highly qualified and skilled candidates who can bring work teams and companies closer to their goals. A survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) found that nearly 77% of US companies planned to hire MBA graduates. And that the Asia Pacific region has a rising demand for specialized business master’s graduates.

The best thing about enrolling in an online MBA course is that these programs are designed to encourage the overall grooming of a candidate – you not only develop industry-specific skills and knowledge, but you also learn the nitty-gritty of business management.

Naturally, MBA graduates are well-prepared to take on all kinds of job roles across industries. Completing online MBA courses in India can also help you advance into a leadership role in your current organization. It can not only add to your knowledge and skill-set but also give you the confidence to make a career transition.

Hiring Trends for MBA Candidates

The GMAC report also revealed that for-profit public companies and Fortune Global 100 entities are among the top recruiters. MBA graduates not only find employment in large corporations but also bring their talent to smaller organizations, startups, and nonprofits. So, the online MBA courses in India doesn’t just open doors to big corporates but also to promising startups. Leading industry sectors for MBA hiring include energy and utility, healthcare, and business consulting firms. 

Online MBA degrees are designed to build your business acumen and help you excel as a manager and leader in your chosen career field. So, you can specialize in a subset of business within your program. Online MBA in India have specializations in information technology, supply chain management, marketing, economics, etc. While IT tops the list of desired expertise in Europe, marketing and economics dominate in Asia and the Pacific. 

Online MBA Courses in India: Trends in MBA Job Functions

Manufacturing and service industries typically hire MBAs to lead their marketing efforts. As for healthcare, business administration graduates tend to be employed in either marketing or finance roles. Going by the organization size, they generally work in strategy jobs in large companies and mostly fill sales and business development positions in smaller startups. 

Starting Salaries of MBAs in Different Sectors

New MBA hires can expect to earn starting salaries that are double the remuneration of their undergraduate counterparts. With online MBA courses in India, you can enter a variety of fields – from consulting to consumer products and finance.

What you can do with an online MBA Course

Now, let us see where all this working knowledge can take you. With an online MBA course in India, you can choose to work across diverse economic sectors in a range of different roles. Below are some senior-level positions that can be within your reach with an advanced degree.

  • Marketing Manager: As a marketing manager, you manage and overlook the advertising, marketing, and sales efforts of an organization. Alternatively, you can be put in charge of a particular product or service. Advertising agencies also require marketing managers to work with content creators and market research analysts. Reporting to company executives about the campaign success is also one of their job responsibilities.
  • Communications Directors: These professionals direct the overall image of an organization by implementing different messaging strategies. They coordinate public relations, advertising, and social media activities by supervising news releases, organizing press conferences, and liaising with the media. 
  • Director of Business Operations: They plan and implement strategies to ensure efficacy and efficiency in business operations. The Director of Business Operations collaborates with top executives and fellow managers to maintain the standards related to the manufacturing of a product or service production and delivery.
  • Chief Compliance Officers: They carry out reviews and audits to ensure the company’s regulatory and policy adherence. Chief compliance officers are also tasked with investigating possible misconduct and resolving compliance risks with appropriate measures.

To transition into specific roles, you may sometimes require additional credentials. Even when they are not legally required, employers in a few sectors expect appropriate licensure. For example, you must hold a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential to work as an auditor.

Lean Sigma, Project Management Professional, and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) are other examples of professional certifications. While some of these credentials require you to appear for their own exams, certain online MBA courses allow learners to earn them while studying. 

How to Choose You Online MBA Course 

Now that you know about what online MBA courses entail and their post-qualification career tracks let us help you select a program that is the right fit for you. You should assess your options in the light of factors like duration, accreditation, cost, and expected outcomes. 

Most online MBA courses have a duration of 12-20 months, whereas other programs may last for two years, like traditional MBAs. Executive MBAs allow you to complete your coursework part-time. Additionally, you should evaluate your options in terms of the per-week time commitments and check if any deadlines that clash with your present schedule. 

So far as accreditation is concerned, your online MBA course could be affiliated to international, national, or regional institutions. So, find out the name and status of its granting institution. Some programs may offer dual accreditation from an academic institution and an industry-related body. An institute’s rank can be seen as a reflection of its curricula, faculty, and student outcomes. 

Now, let’s consider the cost factor. Pursuing an online postgraduate education would automatically eliminate your travel and accommodation-related expenses. Also, many B-schools charge a lower fee for online courses than their on-campus tuition rates. The total MBA costs may vary depending upon the institution. So, examine your alternatives accordingly. And don’t forget to compare the prices with the program outcomes. You can also contact recent alumni to get more clarity. 

upGrad covers all the above-mentioned factors. With collaborations with some of the top national and international universities, upGrad aims to deliver top-notch online MBA courses that don’t drown you in student loans. These online courses give you the flexibility to upskill and expand your knowledge base while keeping your personal and professional commitments. What’s more, is that, when students get certifications from top global universities, it enhances their professional credibility. 


With this, we have covered the leading online MBA courses, their syllabus, and their relevance in today’s job market. We also discussed how an online MBA courses in India in business administration could lead to higher salaries, more job responsibilities, and increased professional satisfaction. So, use this information to make your decision and move closer to your career goals!

Source : UPGRAD


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