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Why Should You Hire an Image Consultant?

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image consultant, fashion, london image institute

Your look accounts for ninety-three percent (93%) of your communication. It’s what people notice aesthetically. If you make a mistake, things can go very awkwardly wrong with your target audience. Everything you say or do is judged through the lens of your looks, and it may have a major effect on your earnings too.

According to studies, individuals with a better image may earn up to 30% more money and gain much preference at work. So, what would a 30% boost in earnings mean to you? Well, this is a solid reason why one should hire an image consultant.

  • An Image Consultant not only focuses on clothing but accessories, hairstyles, photoshoots, makeup- these more minor but essential details are a significant factor when it comes to taking your image to the next level
  • An Image consultant focuses on tactics and creating a big vision for your style and appearance. They advise you on how to boost your self-confidence, improve social standing, and increase your job opportunities.
  • An Image Consultant will do a 360 degrees analysis of your online portfolio to create an image strategy that will suit your personality, preferences, and professional goals.
  • An image consultant can work in any industry where professionals require image management.

An image consultant works on helping you build an image that you want others to have of you. In a world where perception is vital, it is essential to set the first impression right. An image consultant works based on the following pillars to enhance your image.

  • Appearance: An image consultant works on your style, accessories, wardrobe, body type.
  • Communication: An image consultant will help you professionally convey your thoughts.
  • Behavior: Mannerisms are observed through our body language, posture, actions, and words.

Essential Image Consulting Skills 

  • Networking Skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Great fashion sense
  • Knowledge of the latest fashion trends and brands.
  • Pleasant relatable personality- Nobody wants to work with a brooder or a moody Image Consultant; you have to be courteous and friendly at all times, especially with clients.

When to Hire an Image Consultant

Everyone requires image counseling, from high-net-worth individuals to those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, from the CEO of a multinational corporation to a working-class individual. And it’s for this reason that the image consultancy business is growing. Furthermore, with increasing competition worldwide, image counseling is no longer a privilege reserved for the wealthy. People employ image consultants for a variety of reasons, including to project a good image and create a strong impression during:

  • Job Interviews
  • Award shows
  • Client meetings
  • High-end anniversaries, high-end birthdays, and other celebrations
  • Marriage Events

How Do I Get a Genuine Image Consultant?

Many people do not know how accountants and doctors have an international board, and image consultants also have an international board. The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is the name of this board. Members are trained and must continue to learn in order to retain their membership. This is an indication that they have received enough training for their position. Within AICI, there are three levels of image consultants: beginner CIC, intermediate CIP, and master CIM. Exams are required for members to achieve these levels.

This is where a reputable Image Consulting training institute comes in. Finding schools authorized by The Association of Image Consultants international is not much of a challenge.



Source: London Image Institue

image consultant, fashion, london image institute

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