This Gujarati Gathiya Recipe Is The Ultimate Chai Time Buddy

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There are a few things that really cheer us up after a long day at work, and one of them has to be our anticipation for chai-time. Chai or tea in India is not just another rejuvenating beverage. It is, in fact, nothing short of a phenomenon, especially the tea that we have in the evening with family and friends. You may have noticed that this 'tea-time' often seems incomplete without a few tidbits. Some crumbly biscuits, some spicy namkeen, or bhel are a common tea-time fare, and guess we are always open to more ideas. This is why, we are hooked to these homemade Gathiya. Gathiya is a popular snack from Gujarat.  

If you are even remotely privy to Gujarati cuisine, you would be aware of the great Gujarati Farsaan. Farsaan is nothing but a range of savoury snacks like khakdachakri, khandvi, fafda and, of course, Gathia (or Ganthia). They are long, noodle-shaped snacks and are slightly thicker in appearance, unlike the super thin and crispy sev or bhujia. It can also be called a thicker cousin of sev. It is made with gram flour or besan and a few spices. You would be surprised to know just how easy it is to make this crispy, deep-fried snack at home.  


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Gujarati Gathiya Recipe:

First of all, you need to make a dough of besan and and neatly cut long, string noodles of gathia. While you are kneading the dough, add salt, chilli powder, turmeric and ajwain. If you cannot make noodles using your hands, you can use the sev-making machine which is easily available at every local utensil shop. Deep-fry these noodles until they are crispy. Don't let is brown too much. Place a tissue paper or an absorbent paper on the plate, and keep the fried gathia there. Let it sit for a few minutes until the/oil is drained and it is cool. Store in an air-tight container.  

You can pair this gaanthia with pickle, or enjoy it with your daily cup of tea or coffee and munch into it as is, it is going to be just as impressive.

Source: NDTV

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