Karnataka schools reopen for Classes 6 to 8 students and teachers thrilled

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AClass 7 student at the Karnataka Public School tells India Today TV, "I am very happy to get back to school. We struggled a lot to understand what was being taught online. We could not clarify our doubts. Now we can ask the teacher whatever we want and also meet our friends."

Today in Karnataka, schools reopened for students of Classes 6 to 8. They all have to follow strict Covid-19 protocols and standard operating procedures (SOP). As per government directions, schools have been reopened in taluks where the Covid-19 positivity rate is below 2 percent.

What teachers said

Teachers are also happy to see their students and teach them sans the computer.

One teacher tells us that face-to-face teaching is a lot more satisfying.

"Offline classes are more interesting for students. In the online mode, only a few students could join us since many are poor, some did not have their mobiles at the time classes were scheduled since their parents had to work. This is where they will learn properly and as a teacher, offline classes must continue," she said.

What the education minister said

Primary and Secondary Education Minister BC Nagesh said that this decision to reopen schools was taken based on the approval given from the technical advisory committee on Covid-19.

He says, "The department had an intention of reopening schools for some time now and teachers were also ready for it, but keeping in mind the health of the students along with education and concerns of the parents, we discussed with the technical advisory committee and after taking the opinion of expert paediatricians, we are reopening schools for Classes 6, 7 and 8."

He also said that many parents and students had urged him during his recent visits to several parts of the state to reopen schools.

It is mandatory for students to submit a consent letter from their parents to attend offline classes and these classes are not compulsory, as there is a provision of online classes as well.

Class structure

Offline classes for students of Classes 6-8 will be held on alternate days, each with 50 percent attendance. Classes will be held five days a week, and the remaining two days (weekend) will be used for sanitizing and other Covid-19 control measures.

The government had already allowed the reopening of schools for students from Classes 9 to 12 from August 23.


Source Indiatoday

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