COVID 19, PV Sindhu, tweets I retire

I retire, not from game, but COVID 19 negativity and fear, tweets Sindhu

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COVID 19, PV Sindhu, tweets I retire

“I may have given you guys a mini-heart attack; unprecedented times requires unprecedented measures.”

World champion P V Sindhu created a stir on Monday by posting “I Retire” on social media only to follow it up with a lengthy statement declaring that she would actually be saying goodbye to “the negativity, fear, and uncertainty” triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Olympic silver-medallist, who is currently in London to work on her nutrition and recovery needs at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, started her rather stunning post by saying that the “Denmark Open was the final straw. I Retire”.

She was referring to her pullout from the event due to the pandemic.

“...I’m writing today to tell you that I’m done...Not being able to represent India in the Denmark Open was the last straw,” Sindhu’s note stated.

“Today, I choose to retire from this current sense of unrest. I retire from this negativity, the constant fear, uncertainty. I choose to retire from a complete lack of control over the unknown,” she said.

“Most importantly, I choose to retire from substandard hygiene standards and our lackadaisical attitude towards the virus.”

The star shuttler, who last competed at the All England Championships in March, is targetting a return to action when the world tour comes to Asia in January.

“This pandemic has been an eye-opener for me. I could train hard to fight the toughest opponents, tooth and nail, right till the final shot of the game. I have done it before, I can do it again.

“But how do I defeat this invisible virus that has the entire world in a fix? It has been months at home and we still question ourselves every time we step out,” she wrote.

Sindhu said the reason why she started the post with a shocker like ‘I Retire’ was to ensure that maximum people take note of the message she was trying to convey on dealing with the virus.

“I might have given you guys a mini heart attack; unprecedented times requires unprecedented measures. I guess I needed to get you guys to sit up and take notice.”

Sindhu said she will continue to fight the circumstances created by the virus and her opponents on the courts.

“That being said, we must be hopeful about the light shinning at the end of the tunnel. Yes, Denmark Open didn’t happen but that won’t stop me from training. When life comes at you, one must comeback twice as hard.

“So will I for the Asia Open. I refuse to give up without putting a solid fight. I refuse to give up without conquering this fear.

“And will carry on doing so till we have a safer world,” she concluded.


COVID 19, PV Sindhu, tweets I retire

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