BMW, X6, Review

Exclusive: 2020 BMW X6 Review

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BMW, X6, Review

The third generation BMW X6 packs in a whole lot more in terms of capability, looks and features. Here is the first exclusive drive review of the car in India.

The brand new baby from BMW India is a big, bold and brawny SUV. Well, SAV as BMW likes to call them. The new third generation of the BMW X6 is like a burst of fresh air blowing in all to familiarly from Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. Why do I say that? Well because that's where it is made for starters, and also - when you compare it to its predecessor, the new car is miles apart. And yet the familiarity comes from the kind of performance, build and interiors the recent launches from BMW have got us used to.

This is the absolute beast in the company's lineup. The car is wider, a tad shorter and has a longer wheelbase than the second generation did. It also has a front grille that might eat you and your neighbour Mr Sharma for lunch, if you are not looking. And by the way, it also gives you BMW's first-ever illuminated grille - an optional extra that could be the perfect show-off party trick to impress your friends and family. Yes I now have all of Delhi NCR and Punjab's attention! The grille's glow feature is reserved just for the X6 for now. You can either have it light up when the headlights are on, or when you lock or unlock the car. And before you get too excited, it's an option you have to pay extra for.

Now BMW is the one that started all of these coupé SUVs - and I say that with disdain, because as many of you know, I am not a fan of the body style. But I am going to say this - of all the generations of this car, this has to be the most good-looking and dare I say - the pretty one. I like the way it looks! It's proportionate, it's stylish and especially at the back I think it has its own distinct personality. The tail light treatment is kind of what you see from BMW's sports cars these days, like that. And the proportions work,a nd for the first time, this does not just look like an X5 with it's roof lopped off! It has a nice stance, looks muscular and energetic. And to continue my shock and disgust at my own feelings towards this car - it all seems to tie in beautifully to that giant front grille. You know I reckon this is the first new model from BMW, where we aren't focusing on that grille, because from word go, I think it belongs there, and is the size it is meant to be. The finish is really nice too.

Source NDTV

BMW, X6, Review

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