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Visiting a stadium to watch a cricket or football match is a group experience, something we are missing out on for close to two years now. What if you could do this virtually? Sports fans worldwide can turn to Twitter to feel connected and share their experiences in their very own virtual stadium. To be a sports superfan on Twitter and stay glued to coversations, here’s what you can do.

• Topics: Twitter Topics use machine learning to insert subject-related Tweets into timelines. There are several Topics that one can follow to keep themselves updated with their favourite sport — some of these are football, cricket and WWE.

• Lists: Lists let people put together several accounts that Tweet about a common subject and follow their Tweets as a separate timeline. One can either put together their own Lists of accounts, such as a List of cricket players, commentators, football clubs, international and national sports authorities or follow existing lists created by others on the service.

• Twitter Moments: Moment pages on Twitter serve up a chronological timeline of Tweets around a particular subject or event so people can follow all developments in one place.

• Event Pages: Event Pages let you follow the most recent Tweets and updates around an ongoing event.

• Cricket Scorecard: For the recent cricket tournament, Twitter had also introduced a live Scorecard.

• Fan Q&As: Several players come to Twitter to have one-on-one conversations with their fans through #Ask sessions.

• Twitter Spaces: Spaces lets people have live audio conversations and it’s another great way for fans to connect with each other, as well as with their favourite athletes.

• Live-viewing/watch-parties: Fans love to live Tweet the highs and lows of nail-biting matches, using Twitter as a second screen during live events.

Source: The Telegraph Online

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