Apple Watch Series 7 launch likely at iPhone 13 event but with limited availability

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The iPhone 13 launch event is around the corner, even though the date is not fixed yet. Alongside the next flagship iPhone, Apple usually launches its next Watches at the event, but rumours earlier suggested the Apple Watch Series 7 is facing manufacturing issues because of the new design it is speculated to come with. However, amidst all this, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman was positive that the Apple Watch Series is coming as early as September. He has now shared a follow-up, saying Apple will move ahead with the Watch Series 7 launch but its availability will be limited.


In his newsletter Power On, Gurman pointed out there could be three possibilities for the Apple Watch Series 7 at this point. Either the announcement will be delayed while manufacturing issues are resolved by Apple and its suppliers, or the announcement takes place on time but the Watch goes on sale in limited stock, or the announcement moves forward but shipping is delayed for the Watch Series 7. Gurman believes the second option is what Apple is likely to go with.

Gurman said Apple will move ahead with the usual September launch event for the Watch, but there may be a “mix of the models shipping late or in small quantities”.

Apple Watch Series 7 is highly rumoured to come with a new design, which includes flat sides and a larger display. Because the display is now likely to have thinner bezels, the manufacturers are reportedly facing a tough time getting production on track to meet the September schedule. The Apple Watch Series 7 is said to come in a 41mm and a 45mm model, both 1mm larger than what the existing Watch Series 6 comes with. The flat sides will also bring a newness to the Apple Watch, as the company is probably looking to harmonise the flat look across the iPhone, iPad, and Watch products.

Gurman previously said that while Apple Watch Series 7 will bring a radically different design, the health-centric features are unlikely to go for a bump. This means that this year’s Apple Watch may ship the same sensors and features as the Watch Series 6. However, it is likely that next year’s Apple Watch Series 8 will have a blood pressure sensor and a body temperature sensor. Interestingly, Gurman’s prediction for Watch Series 7 came days after Nikkei reported, however mistakenly, otherwise. The Asian publication said the Watch Series 7 will have a sensor for blood pressure monitoring.

Source Indiatoday

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