5 Types Of Momos You Can Easily Make At Home

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There is an undeniable love for street food that is unmatchable. And momos seem to be one of the most-loved choices these days. The dumpling delight has garnered a sensational amount of fan following - while some prefer steamed momos, others love the tandoori version of the snack. The hype of momos is such that one can find a momo stall in every nook and corner of India. Now one can find a huge variety of momos in various restaurants and cafes.

If you are not sure about the quality and hygiene of the corner stalls, then the best idea is to make momos at home.

Here we've got 5 of the best momo recipes for you to try at home:


1. Fried Chicken Momos

Fried momos give a unique, crunchy spin to the soft and fluffy steamed momos. Instead of steaming momos, the dumplings are fried in oil and then served with fresh and spicy tomato garlic chutney. 


2. Veg Wheat Momos

Move over refined flour and switch to healthier wheat flour to prepare your favourite dumpling delicacy! Whole wheat flour is a rich source of dietary fibre and protein, both of which are healthy for our body. 


3. Lamb Momos

Tired of the same stuffing of chicken mince or crunchy veggies? Here's a scrumptious recipe of momos stuffed with lamb mince, fiery spices tossed with soya sauce, encased in a dough, steamed and served with a sweet chilli sauce. 

4. Almond and Chicken Momos

Give your momos a nutty, healthy twist with this chicken momo recipe that has chicken rolled in with almonds and steamed to perfection! 


5. Tandoori momos

Giving a classic tandoori twist to a dish from another cuisine is a given in India, and how we love the end results! Tandoori momo is one such dish that we love to indulge in. With a North Indian Tadka given to this Tibetan delicacy, gives us one of the best fusion foods to relish at home.



Source: NDTV

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