diabetes, dessert, navratri 2021, diabetes friendly dessert, oh puhleeez

5 Diabetes Friendly Dessert for Navratri 2021

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diabetes, dessert, navratri 2021, diabetes friendly dessert, oh puhleeez

The Sharad Navratri 2021 celebrations are in full swing and many of us are well into fasting mode by now. The fasting rules may slightly vary region wise but the intention is to follow a sattvic diet devoid of onion and garlic. While we are holding back on most of the savoury items, we tend to let go when it comes to sweet dishes. This can be problematic if you are dealing with diabetes or are a health conscious looking to lower sugar consumption. Keeping this in mind, we bring for you these five dessert recipes which are low on sugar and diabetic diet-friendly. Here they are


1. Two-in-one Phirni:

Phirni is a simple rice pudding which is made by boiling the milk slowly. Sugar-free phirni has two layers - a pista layer and one flavored with rose essence. It is made with milk, almonds, cardamom, pista, and other ingredients. Click here for the recipe.










2. Faldhari Badam Barfi:

A sugar free and healthy Mithai to relish this festive season without worrying about health! Mawa along with goodness of nuts like walnuts, figs and almonds comes together for this delicious festive treat! Click here for the recipe.









3. Vratwaale Kheer:

Kheer is another quick and easy Indian dessert that we love to feast on every once in a while. Vratwaale Kheer can be prepared with milk, sugar and parsai. Parsai is a rice like ingredient, permissible to consume during the Navratra fasts (vrat). Click here for the recipe.










4. Dates and Nuts Ladoo:

These ladoos are healthy, nutritious, easy to make, and tastes just heavenly. Made with pitted dates and a mixture of nuts like almond, cashew nuts, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachio, these scrumptious ladoos are sure to be a hit amongst your friends and family. Click here for the recipe.










5. Pumpkin and Apple Halwa:

The soft and melt-in-the-mouth halwas are a must-have in most of our celebrations and occasions. Made in pure desi ghee with loads of dry fruits and whole spices, the pumpkin and apple halwa is another variation you must try this Navratri season. The natural sweetness in both the ingredients helps you eliminate sugar and also makes for a unique tasting sweet treat. Click here for the recipe.













There you have it, try these healthy sugar-free desserts this Navaratri 2021.

Happy Navratri 2021!


Source: NDTV

diabetes, dessert, navratri 2021, diabetes friendly dessert, oh puhleeez

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