2021 Volvo S60 T4 Inscription review first drive

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The new for 2021 S60 comes after a long hiatus mostly due to the ongoing pandemic but by the time you’re done reading this, we’ll be just a bit closer to Volvo opening bookings for the car as well as the launch scheduled around March. A quick look at the exterior however, had us wondering what exactly is new here?

The exterior for a start, gets refreshed designs cues which will beg you to look closely and identify the tweaked front end but then you’ll possibly get distracted with the signature Thor’s Hammer headlamps, the clean, sculpted lines, the C-shaped tail-lamps, gorgeous 18-inch alloy wheels and an overall design that’s timeless and personifies the adage “why fix it if it ain’t broke” or whatever the Swedish equivalent of it is.

And that adage stands just as well for the interior of the new S60. All black with metallic accents, a dashboard layout that’s just as clean as the exterior and it looks properly sporty to make that dreary Monday morning drive to work a bit more exciting.

And if work is what you’re trying to accomplish on the go, Volvo makes it easier in the S60 with generous head and legroom, dedicated air-con vents in the centre and b-pillars with individual temperature controls while also offering 2 USB Type-C ports at the back to make sure the batteries are topped up before that all-important business meeting.

And since it’s a Volvo, it is definitely classy to match that business suit you’re donning. Leather upholstery, soft touch panels all around and even detailed finishes on the Start/Stop knob and scroller nestled in the centre console. This new car also adds on a wireless charger bringing in a bit of modernity. A 9-inch touchscreen eliminates most physical buttons and integrates functions like the four-zone climate control, an infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and a booming 600W, 14-speaker Harman Kardon surround system.

And when you’re done with all the admiration of the aesthetic on offer, you might be left wanting for a bit more to go with the show. This new S60 comes with a single turbo-petrol engine option with a 2.0-litre, turbo-petrol, producing 190bhp and 300Nm. These specs, if I may, are a tad underwhelming especially when you’re trying to power 1.7 tonnes of kerb weight with it.

The 8-speed automatic gearbox does help spread out the power so the S60 can get a move on when you step on it but it too has its moments of indecisiveness while selecting the right gear and the brakes leave a lot to be desired especially braking from higher speeds, things that I wouldn’t expect from a car wearing this badge. Although, being a brand new test car with just 60km on the odometer, I’d expect things to get better with use post the first thousand kilometres.

But consider what this car is going to be used for most - for you to hop in and out of business meetings, in and outside the city - it then shines as a comfortable executive sedan that will turn heads on the go and especially when you arrive at your destination. Moreover, the supple ride that the suspension setup brings along, will leave you fresh even after miles of tarmac logged on the trip meter. This is exactly what the S60 is designed for, effortless cruising ability and a happy driver behind the wheel or a comfortable passenger in the back seat.

And since it’s a Volvo, the safety levels are top-notch with your usual suite of airbags, ABS and what have you but there are also features like lane keep assist and collision avoidance which may not work well in our congested metros and traffic conditions but out on the highway, you’ll be thankful that you’re in a Volvo.


Volvos never fail to leave a smile on my face and that’s exactly why I love them. The fact that only one engine option and one trim alone would be offered does make me look towards the BMW 3-Series, still the choice for most looking for a driver’s car and then there is the Mercedes C-Class if the backseat is of prime importance to you. Let’s not forget the upcoming Audi A4 facelift as well as the Jaguar XE too but this new Volvo S60, it definitely manages to stand apart and holds its own for anyone that has an eye for detail, design and minimal Swedish aesthetics.

Source : Indiatoday

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